Parents: Driving Lessons in East Brisbane and Brisbane Southside for Teens

Are you looking for driving schools in East Brisbane and the surrounding areas? Are you wondering about the safety of a learner driver as they get behind the wheel? You don’t have to worry any longer.   Whether you’ve got a brand-new teen driver or an inexperienced adult learner driver, Countrywide Driving School can transform them into a confident and skilled driver.

Not only do we teach students how to drive carefully, but we also take a genuine interest in making sure our students are skilled and knowledgeable drivers on the roads. For us, it’s not enough to allow students to log driving hours to pass a test – we want our students to be fully trained and confident drivers.

Driving Lessons Just Got Easier in Brisbane Southside

Life can sometimes be expensive and at times inconvenient. However, learning to drive shouldn’t be a hassle or post undue stress for families. At Countrywide Driving School, we offer a host of different packages for driving lessons in Brisbane Southside and the surrounding suburbs. Our unique package plans get your learner driver behind the wheel without immediate and upfront costs.

For example, we offer a Silver Package that provides five lessons and offers you a 5% discount on services. There’s the popular ‘Gold Package’ intended as 10 driving lessons at a 10% discount. You may also choose our ‘Platinum package”, which offers 10 lessons, a test day package and a defensive driver’s course. Also, if you have a learning driver who needs to brush up before the big test, you can give them a ‘pre-test polish package’ consisting of 3 lessons. These driving lessons in Brisbane Southside provide a quick overview that will refresh and refine their skills before test day.

Since we realise that the packages may not suit every family or budget, we remain flexible offering handy instalment plans that provide the services contained in the Gold and Silver packages, but without the upfront fees. With the instalment plans, you can easily make instalment payments over a period of 32 weeks and spread the cost out over time. This is a convenient way to allow your learner driver to get started behind the wheel, and take your time paying for lessons. The instalment plans are also a convenient choice for a learner driver who wants to take lessons over the course of 6-12 months so as to take their time learning to drive.

Feeling Apprehensive about Driving Lessons in East Brisbane?

Are you feeling nervous about learning how to drive in Brisbane? When you work with Countrywide Driving, you can rest easy knowing we have over 52 years of experience teaching Australians how to drive. Known in the business for our patient, caring and knowledgeable driving coaches, we offer unmatched customer service. Call us on 1300 306 324 and let’s get you started today!

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"No yelling or abuse, just caring, quality controlled and tailored lessons to get your licence and stay safe on the roads for life!"