Not Just for Learner Drivers, Driving Lessons in Mt Gravatt, Ipswich, or Woolloongabba from Countrywide Driving School are Designed to Promote Safety for All

Learner drivers are typically the ones you would think of when you think about driving schools. At Countrywide Driving School, however, we offer driving lessons in Woolloongabba, Ipswich, Mt Gravatt, and throughout Queensland to drivers of all ages. Our school has been teaching drivers for over 50 years providing quality training at an amazing value. We are committed to reducing accident rates for P platers in their first six months of being licenced as well as more experienced drivers. Our instructors can train a teen with zero driving experience or a more mature driver who needs a refresher course. Countrywide Driving School is dedicated to safe driving for life by teaching safe driving habits.

I’m 26 and Need a Driver’s Licence – What Can I Do?

The typical young driver is a teen who has reached 16 years of age. They take a written test, receive their learner’s licence, and begin driving lessons in Ipswich. But what if, for some reason, you chose not to obtain a driver’s licence when you were a teenager, but now you have a need to learn how to drive? Perhaps you have a new job and must commute from Woolloongabba to Gold Coast. You need a driver’s licence, which means you need driving lessons.

No matter your age, instructors at Countrywide Driving School will teach you how to become a safe driver. The number of lessons you require will depend upon you as each individual has different abilities and different levels of experience with driving. Our highly trained driving instructors can assess your current skill level and determine how much practice and how many lessons you will need prior to taking your test and going solo.

Take Driving Lessons in Mt Gravatt with Instructors from Countrywide Driving School

Whether you are a young teen learning to drive for the first time or an elderly veteran who needs a refresher course, you will benefit from the training provided by Countrywide Driving School. We have been teaching people how to drive since 1959. Our instructors have many years of experience and are fully accredited with Queensland Transport. We are the largest driving school in Queensland and are an RACQ Approved Driving School.

Our instructors are hand-picked by the owner of our school. They are highly trained and are skilled at communicating with individuals. They undergo extensive continuing education as well as performance reviews. We hold them accountable so that you and your family will feel safe in knowing that you are learning from the best. Students can choose from male or female instructors and we work to provide you with the perfect fit.

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At Countrywide Driving School, we are committed to making sure everyone has access to professional driving lessons at affordable prices. We have a number of learn-to-drive packages that help you and your learner driver save money while still receiving outstanding value. Schedule your driving lessons today using our online booking feature or call us directly on 1300 306 324.

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"No yelling or abuse, just caring, quality controlled and tailored lessons to get your licence and stay safe on the roads for life!"