Arrange Sessions with Your Driving Instructor in Logan to Suit Your Schedule

The hardest part of learning to drive is training sessions with your driving instructor into a busy schedule. At Countrywide Driving School, we know that many of our students—regardless of age—have busy lives. Younger students have school, sports, homework and after school activities to work around. Older students have jobs and family obligations to balance. Finding a time to do a training session with a driving instructor in Logan isn’t always easy.

When you enrol in Countrywide Driving School, you can expect us to respect your schedule. We simplify matters by offering training session pickups just about anywhere—from your home to your school to your place of work. Additionally, we offer training session times on weekends and holidays—something that not all driving schools are willing to do. We don't even charge an extra fee or surcharge for weekend or holiday training sessions, just because we want our students to be able to fit learning to drive into their busy lives.

Don’t work with a driving instructor in Logan who makes you shift your schedule to suit what works for them. You are the customer and deserve better service than that, and Countrywide Driving School is just the school to provide it. If you are interested in learning more about our driving school or in scheduling a training time with one of our instructors, just give us a call on 1300 306 324.

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"No yelling or abuse, just caring, quality controlled and tailored lessons to get your licence and stay safe on the roads for life!"